On-Line Programs

When a school wishes to offer a new program online that it previously has not offered to students in residence at the University, the process by which it is established is described in the sections of this web site on Establishing New Degree Programs and Establishing New Certificate Progams.   

A new online version of an on-campus program that has already been approved is also subject to review before it can begin. The steps in the approval process are similar to those for an entirely new program but not necessarily the same. The approval of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is needed only when the school wishes to offer 50 percent or more of the program online.   

To request approval of an online addition to an existing program, its sponsor should complete both a Proposal for OnLine Delivery of an Existing Program which provides the information needed for the internal University reviews and NYSED forms when required.   Applications are entered through the Academic Program Approval System (APAS). Please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs (OVPAP) at ovpap@columbia.edu or (212) 854-2691 for access to APAS and for guidance on the appropriate internal and state forms required.

Proposals to create an on-line component of an existing program go through as many as four reviews: