Additional Educational Locations

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education requires a review of new degree or certificate programs, including joint programs with other institutions, in which 50 percent or more of the instruction leading to the Columbia degree will be delivered at a site other than one of the University's campuses. In the terminology of the Commission, such a site is an "additional location."

The 50 percent rule applies only to the credits required for the Columbia degree and not to the total the students will take as part of a joint degree program. For example, assume that a school with a 60-point program wishes to offer it as part of a joint degree program with another university and that some of the courses taken at the partnering institution will count toward the University degree. As long as the credits completed at Columbia are greater than 30, the University does not need the permission of the Middle States Commission, no matter how many points the students will take at the two institutions combined.