University Approvals

Once a new master's program has been approved within its school of origin, the school completes the New Program Proposal Application for APAS. The application should be submitted to APAS (Academic Program Approval System). For access to APAS, please contact or 212-854-2691.

The school will also need to complete a state application for the Vice Provost to send to the New York State Education Department (NYSED), but it is not necessary to submit that application at the same time as the New Program Proposal for APAS. The school may prepare the state application while the proposal is under review at the University.  

The Vice Provost evaluates proposals for new master’s programs on behalf of the Provost and forwards them to other officers for the following further reviews: 

  • The University Registrar reviews proposals for conformity with University policies and New York State regulations;
  • The Vice President for Information Resources and University Librarian certifies that the University has the information resources to support them; and  
  • The Chief Digital Officer evaluates any proposals involving on-line education. 

The Vice Provost also sends the proposal to the deans of the other schools to determine if the new program will conflict with any they already offer or intend to offer. If a dean raises questions about the new program, further consideration of the proposal is suspended until this is resolved.

Once a master's degree proposal has all of the necessary central authorizations and the acceptance of the other schools, the Vice Provost forwards it to the University Senate.