New Doctoral Degree Program

Every new doctoral degree program requires the approval of the School in which it will be offered, the concurrence of the other schools and several central University approvals, including the University Senate.  In addition, it requires the approval of the University Trustees if it will lead to a degree that the School has not already been authorized to award. 

Once the proposal has the necessary University approvals, it must be registered by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and may also need the approval of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education if it alters the University's accredited status.

To request approval of a new program, its sponsors should complete a New Program Proposal Application for APAS which provides the information needed for the internal Univerity reviews. Applications for new programs are processed through the Academic Programs Approval System (APAS). Please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs (OVPAP) at or (212) 854-2691 for access to APAS. Before entering a new program into APAS schools should complete the New Program Proposal Pre-APAS Worksheet.

The NYSED form may vary depending on the subject matter of the new program. Schools should consult OVPAP on the appropriate NYSED forms to use before they begin filling them out. 

Proposals for a new doctoral program go through at least five reviews and as many as seven