Statement of Attendance

Statements of attendance recognize participation in a non-degree educational program. These programs normally do not involve credit-bearing courses and normally are for a short duration.  The participants in these programs are not enrolled as students of the University.  The document they receive consists of an acknowledgment on University letterhead that states the dates or duration of the program, its focus and the fact that the individual attended it.  It may not use the University seal or shield and may not use the phrase, "successfully completed" or "successfully participated."

To obtain permission for a statement of attendance, schools should submit a proposal to the Vice Provost for Academic Programs that describes the purpose of the program, the audience for which it is intended, its content and instructional staff, and a sample of the actual document the participants will receive.  The School should use the form Proposal for a Statement of Attendance Program for that purpose.  Programs leading to a statement of attendance do not need the approval of the full University Senate or any agency outside of the University.  Final approval is granted by the Vice Provost for Academic Programs.