New Joint Degree Programs

A joint degree program is one in which a school collaborates with another university to offer a combined educational curriculum.  With most joint degree programs, students earn credits at each institution toward the completion of a degree at the other.  Less frequently, and only with the approval of the Trustees, the University and its partner jointly award one degree.

If the school’s partner is located in New York State and both parts of the joint degree program have already been registered by the NYSED, the Department treats it as a change in registration rather than a new registration.  If either of the two programs has not previously been registered, the University must submit an application for a new registration.

Proposals for joint degree programs in which the partner institution is located outside of New York State always follow the process for requesting a new registration.

Any joint degree program, regardless of whether the NYSED considers it a new registration or a change in registration, go through the full University process for evaluating proposals for joint degree programs described in other parts of this web site.